Worten Worten in Spain

Context of the project

Understanding of the shopping process and Worten's unique assets to establish its own territory in a country where MediaMarkt is the undisputed market leader. Additionally, due to commoditization and showrooming, competitive pricing is key in this sector and therefore posed a major challenge.


Define an exclusive opportunity territory for the brand that differs from competitors' offers and boosts the average profitability of the business.


Implementation of a positioning strategy based on the concept of “Worten: 1st option in the mind of the consumer” to generate loyalty and resist the constant benchmark to which retailers are subjected by the end client. For this purpose, a unique positioning was defined for Worten thanks to a new understanding of categories, their relationship to online sales and specification, and omnichannel strategies. The ranges were conceptualized based on the introduction of a socio-demographic dimension. Likewise, the retail assortment was defined according to the penetration of new technologies and digital products.