Orange B2B Portal

Context of the project

The objective was to turn Orange’s online portal for small companies into the leading platform in their market. As a result, the strategic redefinition project developed together with Loop, has created a qualitative leap in the digitization of a telco’s relationship with its client.


Definition of a new product and service policy in Orange, f rom the introduction of Design Thinking strategies, Agile development and new governance concepts for the decision-making process.


Implementation of a new philosophy for product and service development through ‘learning by doing‘: real time experimentation and definition of new products and services in parallel with training of different levels of management in the company. A service approach based on the concept of retail with a broad understanding of the user, aligned with Orange’s strategic needs, within the construction of a new decision-making and governance process. All this with the aim of allowing the rapid and economic.
development of new products and services on a
routine basis.