Indra From technology to product: control systems

Context of the project

Indra, a Spanish multinational belonging to the IBEX-35, is active in multiple sectors: transport, defense, energy, telecommunications, etc. Specifically, it is one of the world's most important players in air traffic control, a critical sector for the economies of many countries and one in which technology is a key component.


Maximize Indra’s opportunity in air traffic control, leveraging all of its knowledge and legitimacy in this sector. Define service and product platforms that maximize its position in the supply chain and the market.


Definition of a change in Indra's relationship with its clients by creating the client journey as a basic tool to accompany them, providing products and services at the time and in the way the client needs them. Creation of a portfolio of products and services (physical and software) that allows the company to be highly proactive with its commercial activity.