EVO Smart banking

Context of the project

EVO Bank was created in 2013 as a new way of banking. In this transformation of the sector, EVO took the initiative in the digital transformation and introduced the concept of "Smart Banking" to carve out a niche the market, but needed to shape its services to become competitive.


Maximize the "Smart Banking" concept by defining and developing a platform of associated services/products (smart accounts) through omnichannel strategies that encourage client acquisition and loyalty.


Maximization, development and implementation of the "Smart Banking" umbrella of opportunity focused on new client acquisition. The “Smart Banking” philosophy and the various banking products it encompasses were defined (the smart loan and mortgage, financial coach, etc.), segmenting the attitude towards money of different client groups. With these criteria, recruitment and loyalty paths were established for each target. Lastly, multichannel and digital support policies were created; strategies were implemented in the market through project management, and EVO’s sales force received training on the new strategies and products.