Prio e-service stations

Context of the project

Prio is a Portuguese company specialised in the manufacture and commercialisation of fuels. Founded in 2006 with a clear objective for respect for the environment, Prio initially specialised in alternative fuels such as natural gas, bio-diesel and electric mobility.

In Portugal Prio has more than 250 service stations, many of which have charging points for electric vehicles.


To define the future format of the Prio Service Station, responding to the needs of new mobility models and developing new business models to ensure the profitability of these new types of stations.


Loop defined the base of the new business model where it is the services that redefine the value of petrol stations as well as their monetisation and profitability. These services are associated to the needs of electric car drivers, new urban modes of transport and new habits of purchase and use.

As part of the project we defined the physical specifications of the future e-service stations and furthermore the creation of the future service station which would be exclusively for electric mobility and related services.