Qualityfry The digitalization of frying

Context of the project

The restaurant world needs quantity, quality and user-friendliness to be fully compatible. In this context, Qualityfry (a company focused on developing new technologies to fry food while maintaining its properties and eliminating smoke and odors) asked Loop to define an opportunity territory. The objective was to guarantee the creation of new business models based on the developed technology.


Guarantee maximum returns from the developed technology, defining a strategy that allows all opportunities available to the company to be progressively exploited while ensuring the brand's leadership in the medium and long term.


Maximization of the opportunity territory by defining the right strategy for the company's potential, resources and speed of development. Identification of the products (machine), associated services and alliances needed to develop a strong business model to guarantee the company's sustained growth and return on the investments made to date. Integration of new environments that transcend the hospitality sector and new markets with different cultures associated with fried food.