Aglaris LTD From technology to market: bioreactor

Context of the project

Biotechnology is a highly complex sector: the sheer number of initiatives, companies and startups makes it very difficult to discern which ones are truly based on a solid technological foundation and which ones have a strong business backbone. In addition, due to the time factor, good initiatives require high levels of investment before returns can be obtained.

In this context, Aglaris LTD entrusted Loop with the development of a platform to enhance its new cell production technology.


Showcase Aglaris LTD’s value in terms of products and make it very interesting from the business standpoint to the major investors in the biomedical sector. Make its potential for business development tangible and attractive through technology, equipment and consumables.


Development of a project associated with the different investment rounds. Parallel to the research project on cell reproduction and with a turnkey philosophy, Loop defined the set of equipment and consumables that will constitute the business model in the future. This made the project visible to investors and maximized its future profitability.