Comodynes / Dermofarm Cosmetics

Context of the project

There are products that arise to meet a specific demand, but they are so differentiated and impactful that they generate new categories of products worldwide. Dermofarm Laboratories, with the development of Comodynes facial towelettes, offers an example of this. Dermofarm asked Loop to build a new category of cosmetics based on its facial towelettes.

In response, Loop defined an opportunity territory for practical, convenient, single-dosage, unisex and surprising cosmetics under the Comodynes umbrella brand and established the necessary innovation strategies to keep the brand active in the international market.


Definition of new themes to construct the category, contexts and packaging that transmit the concept of practical, convenient cosmetics.


Development of a category of practical, convenient, single-dosage, unisex and surprising cosmetics. Creation of the different verticals of the category based on moments of consumption and definition of the packaging policy and SKUs behind it.