PaperLoop nº7: “Corporate diversificacion: knowledge as a value unit for proactive diversification”

You have probably often wondered what your company’s highest potential is and what opportunities are contained within the knowledge that you manage. You have probably questioned whether to pursue all these opportunities, how to do it proactively, and in what order and at what pace; how you could take advantage of the startup phenomenon to incorporate new knowledge, and how spin-offs can be used to make faster progress and retain talent.

Usually, the difference between doing all of the above successfully or experiencing major frustration lies in how well you align the process with the requirements of your company’s strategic plan and how realistically you approach it. You must clearly distinguish between the organic opportunities (the ones that reinforce the divisions within your company) and the inorganic ones (the ones that allow you to enter new areas together with partners).

At Loop, we frequently tackle this challenge, defining methodological processes to achieve real results that are remarkable to say the least. In this new paper, we aim to share an overview of how we do it, examining the main steps to achieve corporate diversification and identifying the points that you absolutely must consider.

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