PaperLoop nº6: 10 impact trends in the FMCG industry applied to business models

Paper that analyzes the 10 impact trends in the 2019 Consumer Sector and that are applied to the business model.

From the vision of technology:

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and physical store empowerment.
2. Servicing: the next steps for brands.
3. The monetization of information before the maelstrom of Big Data.

From the market view:

4. Food Waste, towards sustainable production.
5. Non-packaging as strategic value.
6. Circular economy: sustainability environmental economics!

From the vision of society:

7. Traceability, the product credibility.
8. Bio/Eco, growth margin.
9. Customer engagement towards Generation Z and Millennials.

The latest trend and that brings the others together:

10. Superiority in product: definitive strategy to win the pulse to the market.


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