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    Definition of the product lines to create a strong alliance with the actors in the Point of Sale


    Development of the product families of: the models, accessories, cooling equipment; optimisation of their final aesthetic impact


    An analysis was carried out to find the optimum implementation strategy to continue the definition of the product range. This product range was adapted to different needs in the point of sale (smallerspaces…) and we were to find ways to bring new features and benefits to the sales point and final customer.

    Excellence Center Barcelona

    Camí de Can Camps, 17-19
    08174 San Cugat, Barcelona, España
    T.: (+34) 933 030 299 | E.:

    Strategic Reflection Center Madrid

    Calle Alcalá, 21 - Planta 11, Derecha
    28014 Madrid, España
    T.: (+34) 911 441 144 | E.:

    Strategic Reflection Center Lisboa

    Rua Duque de Palmela, 37 - 3º Esquerdo
    1250-097 Lisboa, Portugal
    T.: (+351) 215 895 471 | E.: