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    Business Models

    +25 years






    Five sectors, a transversal vision

    We operate in FMCG, Retail, Services,
    Consumer Goods and Capital Goods

    From the strategy to the market

    We identify and develop the opportunity, we define an
    implementation plan and detail the financial plan

    The opportunity territory

    Defined at 4 levels: company, business unit,
    product/service category and attributes

    We maximise the value proposition

    We expand new opportunities through a comprehensive
    approach that includes the whole value proposition:
    product, consumable and service

    Transversal Services

    Innovation of Solutions

    We define and implement appropriate infrastructures to maximize each client’s internal innovation process: from the methodological process to the decision making processes, based on the degree of significance of the development of new products and services. We structure the strategic thinking the Design Thinking and Agile processes.



    We provide training in our methodology for our customers. With a highly practical focus, based on cases and internal projects developed by costumer teams and monitored by Loop.


    Technology Transfer

    With a corporate vision and focus, we structure and manage the needs of our customers for technology transfer between corporations and/or academic institutions.


    Innovation of solutions Training Technology transfer

    Some of our
    “unique” clients

    • Definition of a new retail concept, new business lines and new products and services.
    • Definition of the opportunity, commercial strategy and positioning for Worten in Spain.
    • Conceptualisation and development of a new business model for soft ice cream - Cornett Soft.
    • Definition of product lines to create links between the Brand and the consumers at the point of sale. Globally project.
    • Definition of the strategic innovation plan for Danio for the 5 following years. Project with a global scope.
    • Definition of opportunities for Out of Home consumption, and conceptualisation of products and services for each defined opportunity.
    • Identification, definition and development of a new beer experience in the HORECA channel to Unicer.
    • Definition of opportunity territory for the different startups of EDP Starter
    • Definition of a logistics ecosystem through a sustainable business model, and growth in volume and value.
    • Definition of new tariffs and services for the residential market.

    Excellence Center Barcelona

    Camí de Can Camps, 17-19
    08174 San Cugat, Barcelona, España
    T.: (+34) 933 030 299 | E.: info@loop-cn.com

    Strategic Reflection Center Madrid

    Calle Alcalá, 21 - Planta 11, Derecha
    28014 Madrid, España
    T.: (+34) 911 441 144 | E.: info@loop-cn.com

    Strategic Reflection Center Lisboa

    Rua Duque de Palmela, 37 - 3º Esquerdo
    1250-097 Lisboa, Portugal
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